Monday, February 6, 2012

One Man's Trash...

Is a Junker's Treasure!
OMG...This saying couldn't be more true!
For the last couple of weeks I have been hauling home about 10 tons
of concrete statuary that has been in a reject pile for the past 20 years!
My favorite treasure hunting has been to find old statuary and never in
a million years did I expect to run across this much in one place!
The mossy patina and chippiness is perfection!
As I've been rummaging thru this pile, I couldn't help but see
the correlation between these discarded treasures and my sponsored
child in Nicaragua who has lived in the garbage dump all her life
and is now living a new life with a promising future!
Take a look at this garbage...

Do these look like garbage to you?
So far I've counted 350 pieces!!
I will be going thru the assortment and deciding which pieces I
want to keep and what I want to sell...
Don't miss seeing an exhaustive collection of these treasures at the
Spring Garden Show at Monticello's
from April 6th to May 28th!
I will be teasing you with more pics soon...