Wednesday, January 29, 2014

~Treasure's Galore~

It's been so long since I've had a chance to sit and update my blog!
I've been wanting to share some of the treasures I've come across lately...
First is the most amazing find of my life!!
It's a 400 year old desk from a 600 year old Chateau in France!
Is that considered an Antique or a Treasure??
Something I think I will have to keep!! 
Here is a pic of the Chateau...

The woman I bought this from is just turning 90 this year, and her Great Grandparents
bought this Chateau in 1828...Her grandparents lived in it through World War II when
the Nazi's took it over and when the war ended they slashed all the furniture with swords...
but this piece survived!!

It has a beautiful Marquetry design on the front and lots of secret compartments...

I would love to find out what this is worth!!! It's Priceless to me!!
Another treasure I just came across is a beautiful French Settee that came
from a Royal Family!! It needs some work on the upholstery, but should be a fun project!
It has the most beautiful gilt finish to the wood frame...
it would be a crime to paint this piece!!
Here is a pic of the settee and it has a couple matching chairs. I've put it in my bedroom
sitting area and it just may have found a new home!!

There's a house being remodeled across the road from us that looks very similar to
this castle, so every time I look out the window now I feel like I live in France!

Another item I recently found is so divine!!
It's an armoire that came out of a house in NE Portland that was built in the 1880's!!
This piece I did decide to paint to show off it's amazing character!

I think I will be using this as a display piece in my new shop that will be opening soon!
Check out the pic of this cute as can be little cottage in the town of Willamette!!
It will be called "Fleur's Cottage"
I will be posting the Grand Opening as soon as I know when that will be!!

Can't wait to get started on this new venture!!
It will be an Antique store as well as a Wedding Rental business!!
I have so much left over from my daughter's wedding that I thought that would be
a "No Brainer"!!