Monday, June 9, 2014

~ Thrilled by The Hunt ~

I recently came across a very interesting item at a garage sale that appears to be very valuable, but I will need to have it looked at by an expert to find out it's history and value...
I could picture this at a museum since it is quite unique...
When I did some research on the sculpted image, I found out it was a "Santo Nino"!
Which is a Catholic Icon of  "The Holy Child ~ Jesus"!! I did a search for it's origin and found out that this image came from Europe and a statue of it was given as a gift to the Monarchs of the Philippines in the 1500's. There were some very miraculous events that occurred where this statue subsided, so over the decades, this became the Patron Saint of their country...I have been contributing to a Christian Mission Organization for the last few years that recently went to help in the Philippines since the Typoon Haiyan hit, and believe the proceeds from this treasure will be something I would like to contribute to the organization to help those people in need! This Treasure Hunting is Addicting!!

I will keep you posted if I get any more info on this amazing find!!