Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~Celebration of Love~

Well...it's time for me to kick into high gear with my daughter's wedding plans!!
June 15th is the date, and it will be here before we know it!!
I'm so thrilled that my daughter is wanting a "Vintage Style Wedding"
it's amazing how much stuff I already have to use to decorate with!!
I'm looking forward to posting my ideas as I go along...
So far we have decided it will be an Elegant Barn Wedding.
(Since she is a cowgirl!)
Vintage Lace, Antique Silver, Shabby Chic here and there...
We have secured a wedding barn in Chehalis Washington for the venue.
This whole project has enticed me to start my own wedding rental business...
...OMG...Another business??

 The hardest part to planning a wedding is creating the "Theme"
We have compiled all the elements which include:
an elegant vintage style lace dress, a barn setting, Antique Silver, Chandeliers, etc...
I ran across the most adorable invitation that was a mock up of a chalkboard
with lace edging, which I decided to use as a "real" chalkboard to set the theme!!
I had a couple wooden frames hanging around that I attached some ornate brass
appliques onto,and then whitewashed them to create the look I was going for...
These will be used to showcase pictures and maybe menus...

There are a lot of ideas for a barn wedding on Pinterest that show lots of burlap
 and farm touches, but I was leaning towards a more elegant version,
so I found a beautiful natural linen tablecloth that
has just the right amount of embroidered lace to the edges to give that
rustic yet elegant touch!

Is that gorgeous or what?? I can't wait to see how all the flowers look in these
fabulous silver pieces! Now I just need to look for about 100 more pieces of silver...lol!
I neglected to mention that I just got out of surgery to fix a hernia, so I am "On Pause"
for the next few weeks!! OMG...how do you put a Type A Person "On Pause"??
~~Wishing you the very best New Year~~