Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Projects

I wanted to share some new projects I'm working on...
I ran across this old cane chair at a Thrift Store and my mind went wild with
ideas to transform it! Check out the before and after pics!!
At the moment it has landed in my daughter's bedroom...

 but you just might find it for sale some day!
Check out this other awesome find...
I'm not sure how popular Grandfather clock's are these days,
but when I saw this one, I immediately envisioned it
as a Shabby Chic Granddaughter's Clock!!
 I found a beautiful door fragment from a salvage yard to adhere to the front panel...
 Gave it a white washing...

Distressed it a little...

Quite a transformation...wouldn't you say!
Can't wait to see what treasures I find next!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Show Mania

Wow is all I can say! I'm finally coming up for air since the Monticello Fall Show began over a week ago! I'm having to say goodbye to so many of my favorite things ;( I have to constantly remind myself that that's what I'm doing this's not a museum ;) !! Here are some pics of some new finds that I'm excited about...check out this beautiful buffet I found...It looks 100x better white than the ugly dark wood I found it as...

 Just sold a cute old goat cart before I could even take a picture of it!
 I replaced it with this really cool vintage wheelbarrow...
Check out this awesome vintage horse velocipede!
Wow! What a unique find!!

 Found another donkey and cart!
Can't wait to get some space to display it!!

 Check out this very unique retro "pink" laundry tub!!
I checked up on it's origins, and Sear's sold these in 1949 as a
laundry room sink that has a cover so you can take advantage of more counter space!
Come to find out there are people out there who go gaga over these
and I've never even seen one before!

That's it for now...
Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monticello Fall Show

I can't believe it's already time for the Big Fall Show!! What an awesome experience it's been to be a part of this special event! The caliber of creative talent is mind boggling!! You won't want to miss this jaw dropping sale! Here are a few pics of my took 4 guys to carry in the Antique French Iron Gates in the backdrop!!! They better sell cause I really don't want to have to carry them back out!! ;)

Hope this wets the appetite!