Sunday, August 26, 2012

~ Latest Project Accomplished ~

I finally finished a project that's as sweet as can be!
I posted pictures of this beautiful twin headboard a few posts ago,
and it has been sitting in the barn getting splattered by bird poop!
It only took twisting my husband's arm to get the frame
made for the bench section, and after that it was smooth sailing!
I'm not going to be happy when it sells, but I have no place for it
in my home, so hopefully it's new owner will appreciate it!

Here's the before pic of how I found it!

Well, I'm off to Bend to treasure hunt for the upcoming
Fall Show at Monticello's!!
I can't believe it will begin in just 2 weeks!!
I have a larger space this time, so I am able to bring
in some of the most amazing finds!!
Stay tuned for some sneek peeks...


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