Friday, August 19, 2011

Treasure Hunting

What a fun day of Treasure Hunting I had today! I've decided to do the Camas Antique Faire on August 27th, and am finding a mother lode of fun stuff for it! I've posted a few sneek peeks of my garage setup to see what I can fit in my won't want to miss this awesome sale! I've also included pics of some recent treasures I've found for the's so hard to bring them to the shop once I've placed them in my garden!

 I found a pair of these adorable puppy dogs holding a basket of fleurs!
 Take a look at this unbelievable copper weathervane! 
Another incredible find that's going to be hard to give up!!
 Isn't this the cutest French Poodle you've ever seen?

 Sorry...Bella isn't for sale...she's just a ham for getting her picture taken!
This is the cutest donkey and cart I've ever seen! The person I bought it from says it's been sitting in the backyard of a house he bought for over 50 years! What a great vintage patina on this little guy!
 How do I begin to put a price on him?

Well, that's it for now...Soon I'll start teasing you with some incredible things I'm saving for the 
Monticello Fall Sale starting Sept. 9th.!

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